View Logs

The MI-Tale app has a built-in log functionality. Only the Single Play activity is logged, sessions in Group Play and Memory Books are not recorded or evaluated.

When you are on the Start page, tap on “Options” in the top left corner. Choose “View Logs”.

On the left side you see a list of all the recorded sessions sorted by date. Session logs include

  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
  • A list of all cards that were presented during the session together with their rating (if available).

Along with the cards you can view the recording of the memory/story that was triggered (if recording was on). Tap on “Play Recording” to view it.

It is possible to add a written comment to each card. This feature especially targets professional caregivers.

It is possible to delete single recordings and the whole log file.

The log file can be exported to PDF format to support care documentation.