Adding an External Switch

There may be use cases when it is not convenient or possible to use the touchscreen of the tablet:

  • Impaired motor skills can make it impossible to control the app by touching the screen.
  • When using the app on a monitor or TV e.g. in group sessions, it may not be very convenient to pass the tablet around.

If so, the use of an external switch and a switch interface for navigation should be considered.

Single Play, Group Play and Memory Books can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts, so technically you need a switch that enables you to send the Space or Return key.

There are several options available at the moment, which will normally connect via Bluetooth. Your local retailer of assistive technology will help you in selecting the most suitable switch and switch interface.

Compatible switch adapters (without any claim to completeness)


iOS: Blue2, Applicator, Switch2Scan, Simply Works