Single Play

The Activity

Single Play is the main activity of the app. Choose this activity if you are using the app alone or with a relative, friend or caregiver. You can select from a variety of life themes and view images and videos from the past.

You are invited to comment on the images/videos and tell how they relate to your personal experiences/memories. If you want, you can record these stories by using the built-in camera and microphone of your tablet or PC.

Tap on “Start” to begin with the activity. You see an assembly of suitcases and chests, which contain images and videos of the selected themes. Tap on any suitcase/chest you like and its content is presented to you.

Just tap on an image/video or make a swiping movement to see the next image/video. Tap on the Back button on the top left corner to go back to the page with suitcases and chests to choose another theme. On the top right hand side of the image/video, you find three smiley buttons. You can use them to rate the displayed image/video. “Do you like it, dislike it or is your reaction neutral?” Tap on the appropriate icon and your selection is highlighted. This information is saved in the log files.

If an image/video is especially meaningful to you and if you want to add it together with your recorded memories to a memory book, tap on the “Export” button on the bottom right hand side of the image/video. After tapping, the button disappears.

A small icon in the top bar indicates whether the session is being recorded or not.

You can leave the activity any time you want by tapping repeatedly on the “back” button in the top left corner.

Preparations and settings

You can select up to six different themes. Click on the “Add” button to add a theme. Click on the small “X” to delete a theme from your selection. The themes are divided into five categories:

  1. Achievements, Tasks, Duties
  2. Friends, Family, Social Environment
  3. Personality, Meaning, Self-Realisation
  4. Health, Nutrition, Leisure
  5. Status, Finance, Living, Environment

You can also tap on “Random Themes” to have the app suggest a random selection of six themes.

Click on “Settings” to check the settings of the activity. There are two tabs:

  • Recording tab
  • Game Settings tab

Recording tab

Video and Audio Recording: On the recording tab, you can enable or disable the recording functions. You can decide whether you want to have video (with audio) recording or audio recording only (without video). Use the Test function to make sure that the tablet/camera is positioned correctly and that audio recording is ok.

Export to: The export-functionality allows you to tag meaningful images/videos during the activity. Tagged images/videos are automatically sent to a memory book. If the recording functionality is on, the recording is also sent to the memory book. You can select, which memory book you want to have tagged images/videos sent to.

Game Settings Tab

Random Selection: If enabled the page with suitcases and chests is skipped and the images/videos are chosen randomly from the selected themes. This option simplifies the navigation within the activity.

Quiz Mode: Enable this option to get a quiz-like activity: images and videos are concealed first and each tap on the screen reveals a small area. Can you guess what it is going to be?

Number of steps determines the number of taps until the image/video is fully uncovered.

Neutral Background: Activate this option if you want to reduce the graphical design, e.g. in case it is distracting. You get a plain, neutral design.