Group Play

The Activity

Choose Group Play if you want to do the activity together with friends or to have a group session in residential or day care. It is the same activity as Single Play without recording functionality. Sessions are not logged and you cannot rate images/videos or export them to memory books.

Again, you can select up to six life themes (independent of those chosen in Single Play).

Game settings include Random Selection and Quiz Mode (see Single Play).

Remark: As there are no recording and log functionalities there should be no extra concerns regarding privacy issues.

Remark: All settings in Single Play, including selected life themes, stay unchanged.

Remark: Especially Quiz Mode may be a fun activity for a group of players. Trying to guess the image/video may encourage communication and cooperation.

Remark: Connect the tablet/PC to a TV, enable Random Selection and use an external (wireless) switch for navigation (the switch replaces tapping on the tablet). This way everybody gets a good view and all are involved as the switch is passed from one player to the other.