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-__Video and Audio Recording__:​ On the recording tab, you can enable ​or disable ​the recording ​functionsYou can decide whether ​you want to have video (with audio) recording ​or audio recording only (without video). Use the Test function ​to make sure that the tablet/​camera is positioned correctly and that audio recording is ok.+===The Activity=== 
 +Choose Group Play if you want to do the activity together with friends ​or to have a group session in residential or day care. It is the same activity as Single Play without ​recording ​functionalitySessions are not logged and you cannot rate images/​videos ​or export them to memory books.
-__Export to__: The export-functionality allows ​you to tag meaningful images/​videos during the activity. ​Tagged images/videos are automatically sent to a memory book. If the recording functionality is onthe recording ​is also sent to the memory book. You can select, which memory book you want to have tagged images/​videos sent to.+Again, ​you can select up to six life themes (independent of those chosen in Single Play). 
 +Game settings include Random Selection and Quiz Mode (see Single Play). 
 +**Remark**: As there are no recording and log functionalities there should be no extra concerns regarding privacy issues. 
 +**Remark**: All settings in Single Play, including selected life themes, stay unchanged. 
 +**Remark**: Especially Quiz Mode may be a fun activity ​for a group of playersTrying to guess the image/video may encourage communication and cooperation. 
 +**Remark**: Connect the tablet/​PC ​to a TV, enable Random Selection and use an external (wireless) switch for navigation (the switch replaces tapping ​on the tablet). This way everybody gets a good view and all are involved as the switch ​is passed from one player ​to the other