Memory Books

Memory books are a collection of personal memories and as they are not only an important activity for elderly people but also a very helpful tool for their relatives and caregivers, they were included in the MI-Tale app.

You can have multiple memory books on different topics. Choose a memory book and turn the pages by swiping left (going forth) or right (going back) or tapping on the arrow buttons. A page usually contains an image or video and some text. If a page contains a video, a small play button in the middle of the image indicates this. Tap on it to start the video, tap again to stop.

A special feature of MI-Tale memory books is that you can add pages by using the Single Play activity. (Please refer to the section Single Play for more information on this.) Pages that were generated this way usually also contain a recording of the memories/comments to that image/video. This is indicated by a green Play-button at the bottom of the image. Tap on it to view the recording.


Tap on the “Settings” button to adjust the presentation of memory books to your liking.

Full screen: The graphical design is reduced and all images/videos are displayed in full screen mode.

Pages Turn Automatically: If enabled, pages turn and videos play automatically. You can set a timer to adjust the speed of the presentation.

Select Font: Select the font style of your choice.