Edit Memory Books

Memory books are very personal. Therefore, it is possible to create them from scratch including personal images/videos as well as content from the MI-Tale database.

When you are on the start page, tap on “Options” in the top left corner. Choose “Edit Memory Books”.

Tap on the memory book you want to edit. You get three options:

Export PDF: You can convert a memory book into PDF format to e.g. share it or print it out. Videos however cannot be viewed in PDF files.

Edit: Edit a memory book.

Delete: Delete a memory book.

Choose Edit. On the left side you see a list of all pages in miniature form.

  • The first page is the title page.
  • Tap on a page to see its full content.
  • Swipe up and down to navigate through all the pages of the memory book.
  • Tap on a page for a longer time and move it up or down to change the position of the page.

To edit a new page:

  • Tap on “Add Page” to get a blank, new page
  • Tap on “Add Image/Video” to add an image or video either from your local drive or from the MI-Tale database. You can search the database by entering keywords.
  • Tap on “Add Text” to enter text.
  • Use the small red “X” buttons to delete images/videos or text.
  • Tap on “Delete Page” to delete the whole page and all its content.

It is also possible to add your memories/stories by making a recording (video or audio only) right here.

  • Tap on “Add Recording” if you want to make a recording.