Edit Cards

At the core of the MI-Tale app lies the historic material in form of images, video and audio documents. The app comes with a basic collection of material from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Cyprus from the 1950s and 1960s.

Using the information in the user profile the app automatically makes a first selection of material that should fit the user’s environmental conditioning from the forming years (the first 25 years).

However, it may be necessary to adapt cards manually if important material is missing or material triggers unwanted reactions.

How to edit cards

In order to adapt the material used tap on “Options” in the top left corner of the start page and choose “Edit Cards”.

  • First, choose the card deck (the theme) that you want to adapt.

On the following page, you see two rows of cards.

The upper row contains all the cards that are available in that theme.

The lower row contains all the cards that were selected for use in Single Play and Group Play.

  • Swipe horizontally to see all cards in a row.
  • Tap on a card a little longer and swipe up or down to move it from one row to the other. In this way, you can remove a card from play or add it.
  • Use the filter function to limit the number of displayed cards, e.g. search only for cards with videos.
  • Tap on the small “i” button to get more information on a card. Here you can also report a problem with a card, e.g. violation of copyrights.

Add your own cards

It may be very important to include personal images in the MI-Tale app. Therefore, it is possible to upload images from the hard drive. To do so…

  • Tap on “Add Card”.
  • Navigate to the folder on your tablet/PC, where the image is stored that you want to upload.
  • After selecting it, please give some basic information about the image, e.g. the year it was taken or which region it comes from. Please do not give any personal information.
  • You have to confirm that you are the copyright owner of the image and that no copyright laws are violated. This is mandatory.
  • If you want to you can allow other MI-Tale users to use your image also within the MI-Tale service. This is optional.

Remark: You can delete a personal image anytime by clicking on the “i” button first and then tapping on “Delete Image”.

Remark: You can anytime withdraw the permission to use it.