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 ====== Introduction ====== ====== Introduction ======
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-SOCIALCARE integrates existing innovative technologies in a framework ​of social, care and learning apps with a plug and play solution. This makes it possible for an older person ​to select those functionalities and services that he/she needs and that can be organized within a group from the community, consisting ​of neighbours, relatives and volunteers. +Dementia is one of the greatest societal ​and healthcare challenges of the future according ​to the findings ​of the World Alzheimer'​s Report. The personal history of a person ​with dementia plays an important role in caresince it is a valuable source ​of information for the application of personalized care approach.
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-The project SOCIALCARE brings innovative technology solutions together ​with these pioneering initiatives ​in order to analyse how technology can supportcomplement and facilitate their work. It is a platform which helps to: communicate and stay informed, exchange neighbourly help or voluntary work including state-of-the-art devices for more independence and safety. SOCIALCARE functions as central digital meeting point where all stakeholders in a local community can join in order to come together. The platform consists of three core apps: Care, Social and Learn. +
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 +The experiences and values that were formed until the early adult age (0-25 years) are most important. They are regarded as guiding values when people enter into stages of dementia and are therefore reflected in the current behaviour. The understanding of these values forms the foundation of the psychobiographical care model according to Erwin Böhm.
 +In line with the Böhm model, the MI-Tale app provides an interactive online activity that will trigger and record the memories and the personal stories of people with dementia. The resulting collection and interpretation of stories will support both people with dementia and their professional and informal care environment.