Methodical support

In order to reactivate, it is important to discover what people in dementia experience as ‘normal’ daily life. That is a restricted and very personal experience, mostly based on memories, copings and values from their pre-adult life. In fact, only people themselves can tell what it contains as it is not always based on facts, but on emotion.

While so, people in dementia tend to search for an environment in which they not only feel save, but also recognised, valued; able to do what really matters for them. If they can’t find it, risks of wandering, restlessness or apathy are high.

For that reason, we selected topics that might help retrieving the most important memories about daily life and things that matter. The recognisable visuals trigger people to tell about their own experiences. The information can be captured for an analytic translation into a very personal daily agenda, with the normality that fits in the experience of the person in dementia.